Focused nursing care

with an emphasis on fulfilling the special needs of the patient.

Eligibility support

Until the nursing certificate is received

Human response

24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Personal attention

Family atmosphere and professional and diverse staff

what we offer

Pre-nursing service

Shai Nursing helps by providing immediate nursing service to patients, until their eligibility process at the National Insurance Institute is completed. The service is provided free of charge to those whose condition indicates that they are entitled to nursing care according to law.

Guidance and counseling for the adult and his family members

The Counseling and Guidance Unit was established out of a desire to help the family and present them with all the options available to them. The department's employees have great knowledge, professionalism and skill in clarifying the exact needs of the client and matching the best options for them.

Private service

Shai Sioud provides a private therapeutic response to the inquiries of people and families who need help for their loved ones regardless of eligibility for the Nursing Law. The company also makes sure to match a therapist privately for patients who have not been approved by the nursing law

extra services

The Shai Nursing Company provides a variety of services such as: short-term service, assistance in extreme health conditions, functional assessment for nursing benefit claimants aged 90 and over, assistance in providing foreign workers and support services and a distress button for the disabled

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About nursing

Shai Company focuses on providing social services, with an emphasis on providing nursing services. The company specializes in providing services for adults and children with special needs and nursing services for the elderly.

Company branches

The company has 24 branches that provide service from the Sharon region to the north.

The company employs over 100 professional staff, which includes social workers, brothers and sisters, doctors, gerontologists and more.

Also, the company employs about 4000 skilled and professional therapists, whose professional training the company has worked tirelessly on.

Shai Company is the leading company in its field in the north of the country and receives praise and recognition for its work and professionalism.

Useful information


Shay- siud is working with the units for continued care of “Clalit” & “Meuhedet” HMOs. For more details contact the branch of Shay-siud near you.

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Contributing to the Community

Shay-siud attributes great importance to community involvement and contribution. Shay-siud regularly contributes to various individuals and entities in the community who need help such as

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